Have you ever seen someone with beautiful, luscious, long eyelashes and wished you could have the same? Are your lashes lacking volume and length? Well, you ARE NOT alone!!! Many other people around the world dream of having long, full, and flirty eyelashes. Throughout history, voluminous lashes have been a mark of beauty and femininity.
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The ancient Egyptians used eye powders and kohls to create the effect of a longer, fuller eye. (think: Cleopatra) Today, in modern times, we have many options for enhancing our eyelashes. Mascara, for example, is a life-saver when it comes to rescuing short, sparse eyelashes. Even with the genius of mascara, there still remains a drive to achieve our very own real and naturally thick eyelashes.

At Eyelash Growth Central, our goal is to bring you the latest and up-to-date information about growing your eyelashes. We will discuss: the best tips and tricks, the most current products on the market, at-home remedies, and much much more. Join us in the quest for reaching great lengths. :wink:

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